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April Rosado

O'Connor High School8

Helotes, TX | Bexar County


February 11, 2013

Both my kids attend O'Connor. Great school with excellent administration and teachers. Would not send them anywhere else.

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April 23, 2010

My son is a Junior this year and we have had a great experience. He is involved in AP and Dual Credit classes and he has to work harder but is doing great. His extracurricular classes include Choir, Drama, Oral Interp and has gone to either State or Nationals for all of it. These teachers are dedicated to their students. I recomment meeting the new principal and getting involved as a parent. You will not know what is going in your childs school if your not involved.

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October 4, 2009

It's one of the greatest schools in Texas.

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April 13, 2009

I have a one teen that will be graduating in June, and one coming in the fall 09-10 school yr, all I can say that we had nothing but the best experience as a parent could ask for in a public school. keep up the outstanding work. oc you know!

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April 10, 2009

Everything is GREAT! The academics, the extra curriculum activities are all fabulous. Staff and studnets are excellent. we have a Junior and Senior both in Ap classes and very involvent. We love, they love it!!

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October 10, 2008

O'connor is the best school ever! I plan in the future to send my kids to O'connor and have them in the ag program, it is a very good program for high school students. I wouldnt of wanted to go to anyother high school!!! OC....You kno!!

Submitted by a student

August 15, 2008

O'Connor is such a good school! Everyone is so nice and accepting. I am in color guard and I couldn't be happier. We get to go with the band and go to football games. THe teachers are supportive and I couldn't ask for a better school! =D

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December 20, 2007

This school is a very good I could never ask for a better school for my child! And its ag program is outstanding!

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November 8, 2007

When O'Connor first opened, it was an excellent school. However, along the years the quality of education has taken a complete nose dive. I've had a child to graduate from there, and it was at a time when the teachers showed complete dedication. I now have a second child attending there, and it's not the same level of structured teaching. It's gotten much more laid back in terms of helping the students to achieve their goals and more concentrated on extracurricular activities, mostly the football team and pep rallies. There is more importance placed on these things than on academics in my opinion. It used to be a great school, but now it's mere mediocre. I'm seriously considering sending my child to either Clark or a private school. The teacher dedication is replaced with underpaid, overworked employees.

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July 11, 2007

Both my children have attended this school. I was worried at first because of the size, but my children have been well prepared for college at this school. There are numerous extracurricular activities avaialable... a place for everyone to fit. The teachers and administration are great and repsonsive to student and parents needs.

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June 23, 2007

I'm a senior and I love O'Connor. Taking five AP classes, along with being an editor for the newspaper can be overwhelming but the teachers are flexible and help me manage my time which I know will come in handy in college. The extracurriculars are great. There is a club, team or organization for everyone. Sports and fine arts are incredible along with our Ag program. The teachers are incredibly involved. Mr. Stanley, Mrs. Hoffer, and Mr. Martin are at all the athletic games and have even shown up to academic competitions. There are downsides though. Parties are easily found. A lot of my friends partake in these activities but I can proudly say I never have. Make intelligent choices and you'll do great.

Submitted by a student

June 9, 2007

I'm a student and i'm in the band, and its just the greatest school out there.

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February 16, 2007

Both of my kids transferred out before graduation. Although they were involved in band and choir (both excellent programs), they didn't feel like they belonged. The happiest kids seemed to be in Honors classes and/or the Ag. program. Regular classes had very low standards. Teachers accepted late work and bent over backwards to see that students passed. More attention needs to be paid to the 'average student'. Good school for high achievers, others may be bored. These observations are based on students in class of '02 and '05. My youngest is entering the class of '11, I'll post if it appears to have changed.

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November 14, 2006

It definitely has it's plusses and minuses. There are many different types of students at O'Connor, and everyone fits in somewhere. There are loads of clubs and activities to get involved in. Our teachers for the most part are top notch, especially my AP teachers. They are very well qualified and interesting. That's not to say you won't get a crazy one, but for the most part I have had good experiences with teachers. Our football team is awesome, and our award winning dance team is equally amazing. The largest downside to the OC is that it is HUGE. We have 3500 students and growing. If you do not work diligently, get involved, apply yourself, and put yourself out there, you will quickly drown in the crowd. When it comes down to it, O'Connor really is what you make of it.

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July 19, 2006

This school hhas excellent academic programs.My child has been learning things that i don't even know and she understands everything. O'connor provides orchestra, band, and choir. They also have wonderful art programs and have amazing sports teams. My daughter is in cheerleading so we are at every football game. Another amazing program at O'connor is their Agricultural program. my daughter has the most fun in that class and she loves her pig that she is raising. It is a lot of work but it is worth it and she has gotten a scholarship to A&M college! Sandra day O'connor high school is an overall amazing school and a wonderful choice.

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